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Perfect for roller sets, spirals and twistouts, this formula provides hold, definition and volume for long-lasting natural styles. Roller Set / Crimps/Crinkles / Curls/Body LOCKS & SET STYLING LOTION Rasta & Twists products combine ancient Jamaican recipes and nourishing natural ingredients to develop a complete line of products to start and maintain healthy, well groomed and twists. DIRECTIONS: ROLLER SET- Spray Lock & Set Styling lotion directly on and roll. Sit under dryer or air dry Remove rollers and style Spray Lock & Set Styling Lotion directly on and cornrow Sit under dryer or air dry uncornrow* & fluff Always remember to use "No More Itch" Gro Spray and Cactus Leave in Conditioner.

Jamaican Mango & Lime Lock & Set Styling Lotion 8

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